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    As a member of ITE (M), you join a dynamic, interactive group of more than 15,000 transportation professionals spanning more than 90 countries dedicated to solving today’s transportation challenges.    ITE membership is an invaluable resource for your career in transportation. ITE's industry resources, professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities will advance your skill set and help you build your future in transportation. More information on the benefits of International Membership can be found here (

    You can join as an International Member of ITE through the International office in Washington, D.C.  Current young members (ages 23-30) receive all ITE Individual Member benefits at a reduced rate (   If you join as an International Member, you are automatically added as a member of your local section and part of your International Dues will go to the Wisconsin Section.  

    The ITE International membership application can be viewed and submitted online:

    ITE International Membership Application


    If you are a past affiliate (AF) of this Section that paid dues in 2017 and 2018:

    ITE International is phasing out the Affiliate Member (AF) status. As a past affiliate (AF) of this Section that paid dues in 2017 and 2018, you’ll be given an exclusive opportunity to join as a full member of ITE (M) for 2019 and gain access to all the benefits of ITE membership, for the price of your yearly AF dues.  In 2020, you’ll be able to renew your membership with ITE (M) at one half the price of regular dues. You should be receiving emails from [email protected] that will give you details on how to take advantage of this AF to M offer. 


    If you are a past affiliate (AF) of this Section, but do not choose to take advantage of this offer to join ITE as a Member (M):

    Our goal with this promotion is to give each Affiliate (AF) the opportunity to evaluate the value of ITE Member (M) benefits for the same price that you were already paying for Affiliate/section membership.  We hope you will seriously consider this as an offer to expand your access to the ideas, people and resources that can help you be a better transportation professional and grow your career. If you are not interested in this offer, then we encourage you to continue to be involved at the local level as a Friend of ITE.   There is no annual fee associated with the Friend status, but you should expect to pay non-member prices at section meetings and the spring Traffic Engineering Workshop and Transportation Planning Forum. To join as a Friend of ITE, please contact Kelly Trac at [email protected].