Ken Voigt Award

    The Young Members Award, sponsored by and funded by the ITE Wisconsin Section, recognizes achievement in transportation by younger transportation professionals who are members of ITE. The award is given annually for a paper reporting on a transportation project that the award applicant was involved with. The award requires the winner to attend the ITE Annual meeting and submit a paper on their experience at the Annual Meeting for publication in the Section Newsletter. 


    — Plaque presented at an ITE Section Meeting
    — Recognition in an upcoming section newsletter and yearbook
    — ITE Annual Meeting Registration and up to $1,000 travel expense reimbursement


    Any Wisconsin Section ITE member who is 35 years old or younger on January 1st of the current year is eligible to apply for the award.

    Submittal Procedure

    The following documents must be included in each submission:

        • Completed Application Form
        • Two (2) testimonials from a current ITE member (200 word max./each)
        • One (1) testimonial from a current or past supervisor (200 word max.)
        • Three (3) examples of specific project experience including your role (150 word max./each)

    Evaluation Criteria

        • Overall quality of Working/Project Experience
        • The role discussed on the specific project experience and impact on the success of the project
        • Insight and opinions discussed in the various testimonials
        • Passon and overall commitment to the advancement of the profession
        • Examples of leadership skills
        • Examples of applying innovative ideas

    Past award winners

    2012 — Erin Schoon
    2013 — Joseph Ulatowski
    2015 — Tristan Hickman
    2016 — John Campbell
    2017 — Justin Schueler
    2018 — Andy Utic
    2019 — Christian Sternke